Advice, support and immersion

The IntraConsultoria  it consists of a service of advice, support and immersion in business management, be it a small self-employed person, a trading company or an entrepreneur.

With this service we try to provide the business with a comprehensive and global vision, analyzing each and every aspect involved - commercial side, human resources, economic-financial, business model, legal considerations, etc... - to detect the influence of all them in business development.

In this way, they will have sufficient tools to be able to plan and manage the business, guiding it in the desired direction and taking full control of its management.

The main difference in the development of this IntraConsultancy lies mainly in the rapid objectification of the business, with a fully panoramic view and perspective and a great symbiosis with the agents of the activity that allows for much faster and direct guidance of the actions to be developed.

However, we have tried to reduce this way of working in our "Decalogue of the B”:



We will look for the trends and natural movements of the market.



We will analyze the appropriate and appropriate moment for the launch and/or implementation of measures.



We will analyze the appropriate and appropriate moment for the launch and/or implementation of measures.



We will try to reach in the most extensive way and with more impact.



We will do our best to make our users and potential customers become our true fans.


Big Time

Looking for the right moment we will achieve our goal of achieving the necessary success and influence in the environment.



One of the fundamental keys for every business: the connection, the commitment between the company and the users.



The key to business is to achieve a panoramic and comprehensive perspective of the activity to be able to direct it towards where we are looking.



We want to turn you into something unique and extraordinary.

Finally, if we manage to implement each and every one of the phases described, we will be what we have been looking for from the beginning, to have a:


BIC, Business Intra Consulted!!

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A DPO is a data protection expert who ensures compliance with regulations and privacy protection. Its importance depends on the magnitude of your company's data processing and applicable regulations.

Be sure to hire a DPO and provide adequate training to your staff. Professional advice and training help establish effective data protection policies and procedures.

Hiring a consulting firm offers expertise and customized solutions in data protection. In addition, it provides training to improve compliance and reduce the risks of sanctions, improving the image of your company in privacy.