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As for the Training line, we teach a wide variety of multidisciplinary subjects, always looking for the practicalityinteractionapplicability i utility of the knowledge communicated.

Our great ability lies in the gift of communication i empathizing with the attending public, giving more value to the needs of the participant rather than a mere standardization in the delivery of the content.

However, we attach great importance to adaptability in each of the sessions so the materials used are merely to support the teacher's explanation, but not the basic or driving tool.

This multidisciplinarity allows us to carry out very transversal topics and contents from various subjects such as:

Protection of personal information

In the digital age, the protection of personal data is a growing concern. As a business owner or data controller, it is essential to understand and comply with privacy regulations to ensure the security and privacy of your customers' information. With growing concerns about the collection and use of personal data, companies must be diligent in their data management. This involves ensuring that data is collected lawfully, used for specific purposes and properly protected. The consequences of non-compliance can be severe, with financial penalties and damage to the company's reputation.

Taxation - Taxation

Taxation and taxation are crucial areas for businesses and individuals. Understanding and effectively managing tax issues can have a significant impact on finances. We offer expert advice on all aspects of tax, including Personal Income Tax, VAT, Corporation Tax and other taxes. Tax planning is key to minimizing your tax burden legally and ethically. We help identify deductions, credits and strategies that can save you money. We also ensure compliance with tax obligations to avoid penalties and legal problems. Transparency and integrity are central values in our fiscal orientation.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Companies have a responsibility towards society and the environment. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is the approach that companies take to achieve a positive impact on the community and the planet, beyond their financial goals. CSR involves considering ethical, social and environmental concerns in all business operations. This can include donating to charitable causes, reducing the ecological footprint, improving working conditions and other actions that benefit society. Effective CSR implementation can improve a company's reputation, increase customer loyalty and make it more attractive to talent. Our guidance provides clear insight into how companies can approach and implement CSR successfully.

Economic-Financial Planning

Financial management is a fundamental pillar for the survival and success of any company. Economic and financial planning is a tool that allows entrepreneurs and managers to make strategic decisions to ensure a solid future. Understanding financial statements, budgets and cash flows is critical. With proper financial planning, businesses can optimize their resources, make more informed financing decisions and ensure they are in the best position to deal with market changes. It is also important to attract investors and creditors. Our guidance provides detailed insight into how to develop and implement an effective economic and financial planning strategy to achieve business goals.

Commercial and corporate legislation

Navigate the complex legal world of business. Find out about commercial and corporate regulations.

Business creation and self-employment

Do you want to start? We offer you support in the creation of companies and self-employment. Discover the options.

Markenting and Sales Techniques

Boost your business with effective marketing and sales strategies. Learn the best techniques.

Social Networks and Inbound Marketing

Connect with your audience through social networks and inbound marketing. Find out how to do it.

Occupational Risk Prevention Trainer

Train as a trainer in occupational risk prevention. Find out about our programs.

Time Management

Maximize your productivity. Learn how to manage your time efficiently and achieve your goals.

Preparation of Budgets

Control your finances with effective budgets. Learn how to craft and manage them properly.


Improve your communication skills. Discover how to communicate effectively in all areas of life.


Become a negotiation expert. Learn the key techniques for reaching successful deals.

Social and HR Area

Manages the social area and human resources successfully. Discover the best practices in this area.

Privacy policy

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A DPO is a data protection expert who ensures compliance with regulations and privacy protection. Its importance depends on the magnitude of your company's data processing and applicable regulations.

Be sure to hire a DPO and provide adequate training to your staff. Professional advice and training help establish effective data protection policies and procedures.

Hiring a consulting firm offers expertise and customized solutions in data protection. In addition, it provides training to improve compliance and reduce the risks of sanctions, improving the image of your company in privacy.