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Our work within the Consulting area is mainly based on the development of tasks and actions aimed at the environment of legal, administrative and negotiation traffic.

Hence mainly and, well for ours legal training like ours professional experience  in different areas - semi-public entities, banking, private sector, etc... - we focus our service lines on some cases such as what we point out below:

Advice and Consulting

Legal advice and consultancy for the preparation of business plans.

Our business advice and consultancy offers comprehensive support for the growth and efficient management of your business. Our experts will help you develop solid business plans adapted to your particular needs. Whether you're a fledgling entrepreneur looking for a successful start-up or an established business looking to optimize their operations, we can guide you in making informed decisions. Our experience translates into practical strategies that allow you to overcome obstacles and take advantage of emerging opportunities. We work together to identify areas for improvement, implement effective solutions and ensure sustainable growth.

Contractual and documentary writing

Preparation of all kinds of contractual documents and of any type that involve any legal significance and/or interaction with the Administrations.

Drafting legal documents is a critical task for preventing disputes and protecting your interests. Our contract and document drafting service ensures that all your agreements are well structured and comply with relevant laws and regulations. Whether it is an employment agreement, a commercial contract or any other document with legal significance, we are here to guarantee your safety and clarity. Our meticulous approach and legal expertise will give you the confidence you need to face all contractual situations.

Data Protection

Implementation of the necessary measures to comply with current regulations. However, we focus on the adoption of the new measures defined by the recent regulation of the European Union.

Data security and privacy are essential in the digital age. Our task is to ensure that your company complies with all current data protection regulations. In addition, we are aware of the latest European Union directives and work on the implementation of advanced security measures. With our support, you can be sure that your customers' data is safeguarded and that your company is at the forefront of cyber security and data protection.


Legal negotiation to achieve the client's goals according to their guidelines.

Negotiation is a crucial skill in all areas of life, and even more so in the legal and business fields. Our negotiation service provides you with the necessary tools to achieve your goals and defend your interests. Whether in dispute resolution, commercial contract negotiation or other legal matters, we are committed to ensuring that your directives are followed effectively. Our team of negotiation professionals has extensive experience in negotiation tactics, effective communication and conflict resolution, ensuring you come out of negotiations with the best possible results.

Administrative mediation

Performances before Public Entities of all kinds.

Dealings with authorities and public administrations can be a complex and convoluted terrain. Our administrative mediation task allows you to navigate this process more easily and efficiently. We are committed to representing your interests before Public Bodies of all kinds, ensuring that your requests are processed effectively and in accordance with current regulations. Whether you need help with legal formalities, taxes, licensing or other administrative aspects, we are here to achieve the best results for your business.

Corporate Operations

Preparation of documentation and management related to all kinds of corporate operations (mergers, splits, absorptions, changes of corporate names, etc.).

Corporate operations, such as mergers, spin-offs, absorptions and changes of corporate names, can be complex and critical processes for your company. Our corporate operations service provides you with the expertise needed to manage these transitions successfully. We offer support in the preparation of all the required documentation and ensure that all legal aspects are covered. Regardless of the size of your company or the complexity of the operation, we are here to ensure that everything goes smoothly.

Public Tenders

Analysis of Terms and Conditions and preparation of documents for presentation.

Participating in public tenders can open up new business opportunities. Our Tender Analysis and Tender Preparation service helps you navigate this process and submit competitive bids. With a strategic approach and detailed knowledge of current regulations, we are committed to increasing your chances of success in this highly competitive field. If you want to ensure that your bids are attractive and comply with all legal requirements, we are here to guide you through every step of the public bidding process.

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